Another must have


Mac Lip Glass is one of the best lip gloss products there is out there!

It is the only lip gloss we have found that actually stays on!

Your lips literally do look like glass!


We taught our first styling/business class at Taylor Andrews this last week! We had such a blast with the girls! Thanks to our lovely models for letting us do whatever we wanted:)

Shelby did an over-sized loose tucked under french braid, and a soft regular make-up application look on Ginny…


Crystal did a random, “braids anywhere and everywhere mermaid- hair” look on the lovely Kelsey…



Lindsay did our signature flawless look with airbrush foundation on Julie! The hairstyle was inspired by the beautiful Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar appearance…




Lastly, Jamie helped me finish off the class with some business tips on how to be a successful stylist and how to educate your clients on good products for their hair!