Inspiration Shoot

We had so much fun prepping these models and working together as a team! It was SO cold outside, but everyone did a great job and had a blast working with Alixann Loosle!

DSC_0259 DSC_0271

IMG_8277 copy IMG_8221 copy IMG_8251 copy

IMG_8214 copy IMG_8144 copy

IMG_8194 copy IMG_8179 copy

IMG_8126 copy IMG_8084 copy IMG_8074 copy IMG_8018 copy

DSC_0262 18-30-46 IMG_7752 copy

IMG_7758 copy IMG_7910 copy IMG_7879 copy IMG_7786 copy IMG_7799 copy

DSC_0267 DSC_0275 IMG_7277 copy

IMG_7320 copy IMG_7251 copy IMG_7363 copy IMG_7206 copy IMG_7245 copy

IMG_7741 copy IMG_7722 copy IMG_7702 copy IMG_7689 copy IMG_7633 copy

IMG_7511 copy IMG_7471 copy IMG_7529 copy IMG_7526 copy IMG_7466 copy IMG_7569 copyIMG_7413 copy


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